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Sunday Girl

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Volume seven.

Est. in 2015, an independent, biannual publication for girls. They champion feminism and equality and deliver a magazine for intellectual, ambitious and creative women.

'Of all the girls who represent a day of the week, Sunday should be the best. Monday’s drawling, Tuesday’s boring, Wednesday and Thursday wolf-whistle Friday, who’s too busy chatting up Saturday to notice. Sunday Girl’s pyjamaed until twelve, sleepy and searching for something sweet, swaddled in blanket, barefoot; effortlessly dressed in a cool and comfortable style, approachable and accessible. It’s this understated, relaxed atmosphere which makes Sunday Girl so easy to get along with. She’s unfussy, unflustered, almost wallflower-like, ready to talk about anything from heartbreak to empowerment. She speaks with integrity.

Sunday Girl is not just one, but many, a cascade of creative voices. Volume Four features Emma Mercury, founder of The Messy Heads and Chelsea Miller, founder of WeBelieve, indie-rock star, Sydney Lima, and model Lily Jean Bridger. In comparison to The Messy Heads, Sunday Girl is a stylish younger sibling, with more focus on fashion. Even though these women are powerful, representing their own brand or company, the articles and interviews are conversational, and you’re presented with more intimate information than answers Google could give you.

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