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Interior Design Magazine

issue 93

At a time when we are witnessing the increasing fragility of the world while being aware of how our daily choices inevitably have a direct or indirect impact on the planet, we felt compelled to design an edition that would encourage us precisely to wind down, calling it Slow.

Faced with the social withdrawal and isolation dictated by the current global health crisis, provoking this sudden disruption to our lives, we must instead embrace the rare opportunity these days offer us to slow down and stop. And no doubt with a renewed awareness, as a result of experiencing something we had never imagined before, making the most of this to disconnect from our frenetic – and often unsustainable – routines so that we can reconnect with ourselves.

Rethinking priorities, changing behaviour, deconstructing paradigms. And, from the outset, bonded by a greater sense of belonging, with each one of us playing our role in a global community.
As we go through these difficult times, when it is essential to stay at home, it is with a redoubled determination that we offer to keep you company with another edition of Attitude. By keeping you informed and entertained, but also motivated and optimistic, we hope to be able to do our part in allaying the climate of fear and anxiety all too often generated, to saturation point, by too many newspapers and television channels.

Spotlighting intimate spaces, conceived for leisurely enjoyment, our Places section (page 33) offers a broad range of especially isolated and soothing places, scattered across various lands, beginning with our most recent trip to Morocco

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