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An American print magazine about Material Culture


Atlas contains stories of making and creating from artisans and artists around the world. With in-depth, in-person reporting and stunning original photography, and an in-house editorial and fact-checking team, the features in this publication are of the highest caliber on the newsstand.


Atlas is a niche lifestyle magazine that many boutiques stock alongside their high-end products, as the ideas and aesthetics in the magazine resonate with the discerning customer.

Shelters issue

In the Shelters issue, our features go inside the workshop of a London spoonmaker, follow a ceramicist through the jungle in the Dominican Republic on a quest for clay, watch bronze being poured in an experimental city in the Arizona desert, and forage for natural perfume ingredients in the California forest.



Atlas readers are creative individualists eager to invest in quality products and experiences seeped in tradition. They seek out new ideas that resonate with their artistic inclinations, and are interested in the process of production and creation.  

Material Culture is the way we live in the physical world that we ourselves create. It is how we relate to, and through, the objects we make.

This magazine is a place to consider how acts of making link us to ourselves: how what is made can shape the spirit and mind; can connect us to other people places and times.

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