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91 Magazine

91 Magazine is a biannual independent interiors and lifestyle magazine that offers inspirational, high quality content, representing home decor which is attainable and approachable. Creativity is at the heart of our brand, and we inspire our readers through the homes, spaces and stories of creative people. We champion independent small business and believe it is possible to create a beautiful home on a small budget, without resorting to cheap, unethical purchases.


  • We print with Pure Print Group who in 2002 became the first Carbon Neutral printer in the world.

  • We print the magazine using FSC certified paper and vegetable inks. The laminate on the cover is biodegradable.

Volume 13 

Our loose theme is SIMPLIFY. In recent years, our lives have all been affected in significant ways. Not only have we experienced a global pandemic but we are also living with and grappling with the effects of climate change.

For many, these enormous events and occurrences have made us reevaluate how we live our lives, and more often than not, they have highlighted what is important. For me, the word ‘simplicity’ kept filtering into my thought processes - not only have I felt compelled to simplify my home and my belongings, but I became more aware of the simple things in life. Appreciation for simple pleasures, which in turn brings a sense of contentment to the every day.

This issue celebrates ideas around simplicity and simple living. It is not about stark, minimal spaces, but homes and creative spaces where the owner has been considered and thoughtful about design and styling and what is important to them. We hear from creative business owners whose ethos is anchored in a simple way of life, creating and selling objects that have provenance, providing joy through functionality, beauty and meaning.