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Collectable. Limited Edition Print. 29.7cms x 42cms. Printed on Archival paper, each print is numbered, embossed and signed.


Struck by the elegance and delicate beauty of lavender plants, a joy to paint and observe. Becoming fascinated not just be the very intricacies of each flower spike and biodiversity of 39 species, their hybrids and almost 400 cultivars, but also for attracting a wealth of pollinators.

For the larger artwork, Sarah Jane Humphrey wanted to illustrate a plant with a late summer flower and also a popular variant of Lavender. After several discussions with Simon Charlesworth of Downderry Nurserya decision was made to choose the L. x intermedia‘Giant Blue’ as not only it was a plant that had both of these properties but also one that could be obtained in the winter with existing flower spikes attached. From her initial research she discovered that the Macroglossum stelatarum‘Hummingbird Hawkmoth’ was an observed pollinator on the intermedia species and thought it would make an excellent accompaniment to the illustration.

When working on larger botanical illustrations whilst keeping strictly with dimensions and to scales of each subject, Sarah also likes to incorporate the composition within a Golden ratio grid which is devised from the calculations of the Fibonacci sequence. The desire to do this to such a meticulous level is not only to create a well balanced artwork that will ultimately be aesthetically pleasing, but also as a parallel to many of the exquisite formations observed in nature. The root ball and very tips of the flower spikes fit perfectly within a Golden Spiral, the Hummingbird Hawk Moth, fits exactly onto the strongest point within the Golden section and the smaller details were lined up to fit carefully within sections of the Golden Pentagon.

This Lavender print is of L. x intermedia 'Giant Blue', selected for it simple elegance and distinct silvery blue colouring. Printed on heavy acid free paper, using high quality archival inks, using the finest colour matching from the original painting. The original painting is rendered in gouache, and recently was awarded an RHS Silver Gilt Medal, at the Botanical Art Show, Westminster, London.

There are only 150 signed prints in this series.

Dimensions of  Print 29.7cms x 42 cms

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