What happens when you take a break from work?

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You may have noticed that I have been slightly lacking presence from Botanical Atelier recently and whilst there is no answer in short, it has been productive. A mixture of studio time, working on new and exciting commissions and time to travel has also been much needed headspace.

All so often when we become too much part of the furniture in a single space it limits our thoughts, inhibiting the growth of fresh inspiration. I find working alone in my studio is a perfect balance to drift into a cathartic and mindful zone. Synching into my rituals and process of creating botanical illustrations. This is all a dream, and the most amazing job….(Ever) ! That said, juslittle bit too much time with my own thoughts can at times lead to overthinking, and far too much freedom to indulge in rumination without conversation.

 We are humans, we are at large social animals and when we are denied access of communication without direction it can be detrimental to our mental health. Giving ourselves balance and consistence to quiet meditative times and in contrast fulfilled and active days seems to be a great rhythm for keeping productive.

 By the word productive, I mean having the enthusiasm to love and enjoy your work as much as moving forwards in your personal life. Becoming the absolute best version of yourself saying ‘YES’ to all the things that are going to make you a better person and having the confidence to say ‘NO’ to all the things that won’t. Not running with either ‘Yays’ or ‘Nays’, but making clearer and definitive choices in life will definitely take you a long way


I’m a firm believer in that it's far easier to make others happy when you are happy in yourself. Taking essential time just for you will rejuvenate your energy and give you enough zeal to focus on tasks ahead. My recent travels to the South of France and Sydney Australia have allowed time to take stock and reset.My ‘take aways’ from France were to slow down. By that I mean literally slowing down the pace, and speaking with less urgency. How easy is it to be so full of suggestions and input that it all comes out as an interruption into conversation? Or rushing so much to your next destination, whilst frantically trying to write content for your next instagram post! It’s too much when this is your everyday routine, and we miss so much of the beauty of the world around us. The frantic pressure to eat on the hop, never quite having enough time to enjoy each element of your day eventually will lead to such unnecessary stress.

Something that I immediately find when I step out onto French soil is the instant feeling of wanting to lean into a slower pace of life. Having the space to figure out how to do this needs much more, in my case, than a few days! One thing I am trying to do is not to multi task quite so much. To be more organised and to try and not take on too many new jobs at once.

Australia offered a different mindset. Sydney for me has always offered such a wonderful and vibrant food experiences. Whether that is shopping from a whole foods market or eating out. There seems to be an abundance of healthy, rainbow coloured ingredients and dishes to try. It made me think how routine our weekly menus have become at home, and how cooking can at times almost feel like a chore. So I have bought back a great stack of wonderful cooking a lifestyle books that I found out there and we are now stocking them at Botanical Atelier. 

With beautiful photography and recipes to make you want to invite everyone round for some food is exactly what we needed to put the zing back into our lives. There is nothing like a bit of culinary inspiration to make you want to cook from scratch and slip into that wonderfulness of feeling good from the inside out.

So what happens when you take a break from work? You can allow yourself to sink back into the joys of everyday life and embrace the enthusiasm for work. Whether thats builder a stronger business or becoming an efficient and enthusiastic member of a team.


We will be adding some of our favourite books to our online store in the next coming months. So watch this space, for now, you can pick up our books in our Falmouth shop or feel free to message us we can ship most of shop products that aren’t on the website to you as well.


Hope that has given you a little food for thought, enjoy a SLOW, and FULFILLED week.

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