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This year I was fortunate enough to finally put the conversations I'd had with Victoria Walker into practice and stock a small collection of her exquisite botanical jewellery here at Botanical Atelier. Victoria is an internationally recognised jeweller and creates fine pieces using precious metals and stones, all whilst using traditional methods. Building relationships with our community has always been something I have strived for and it's wonderful to share an introduction to a small business that I think incredibly highly of via a Q&A. 

Meet Victoria Walker 

Victoria Walker botanical jewelleryVictoria wearing one of her beautiful flower lockets. Image by Jaime Sutton


Victoria, tell me a bit about you...

VW: I grew up in rural Cumbria and at 16 I moved to Cornwall to study fine art and illustration. For fun, I took an evening class in jewellery making and completely fell in love with the craft. I went on to complete a degree in jewellery and silversmithing at Truro College where I created my first opening flower locket in 2008. After graduating, I spent a solid few years selling my work all around the UK at various design fairs. I had great support from the Goldsmiths Company, winning a free stand at my first show with them at the start of my career. More recently, a film about my work went viral on Facebook and since then my customer base has been mostly international via my website.


What inspired you to start your business?

VW: From a very young age I always loved 'making things' and drawing, so I always hoped I could make a career out of one of those two things. I think I've always been quite ambitious and hardworking and so working for myself felt like a very natural path for me.


Where do you find your inspiration for your brand?

VW: My brand is built on what my customers tell me about their lives and what's important to them. My aim is to is create beautiful heirloom objects for individuals and families to celebrate milestone events in their lives and pass down through generations.


What aspect of your business do you enjoy most?

VW: The stories I hear from my customers about why they bought a piece of my work. Knowing that sometimes my pieces have huge sentimental value to someone I've never met is a real honour and reminds me of the value and purpose of what I do.

Sunflower fields
Victoria enjoying these inspiring blooms in a field of Sunflowers. Image by Nina Constable


Can you tell us a little bit about your process?

VW: I always have a long list of flowers that I'd like to work with. The design process for each opening flower locket takes quite a long time but I try to make at least one new one per year. I usually start by making quick paper models, then copper models and lots of technical tweaks. When I have a final version I'm happy with, I then re-create it in precious metals and diamonds.


Does your location influence your products? 

VW: Yes, I get a huge amount of inspiration on my daily dog walks and absolutely love observing the changing of plants and flowers through the seasons. The number of shapes, forms and colours a single plant can have over a period of time never fails to amaze me.

Do you have a favourite product? If so, can you tell us why?

VW: I get asked this a lot and it's impossible to say really. Some pieces I favour because the making process is the most enjoyable, some designs I feel sentimental over for different reasons. Rose Locket for example was the first big project I set myself after leaving college and it proved to be my best seller for many years, so I always have a special feeling of pride and gratitude with that one. It showed me I could make a career out of my work and gave me hope for the future.
heirloom jewellery by Victoria Walker
A timeless piece of Victorias jewellery to treasure for years to come. Image by Elizabeth Chia


Are there any new products in the pipeline you would like to share with us?

VW: I'm currently trying to decide which new flower to make next. I usually keep this a secret until I actually launch it, partly because my decision can change quite last minute!

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

VW: Bloom and Wild. I've received flowers from them myself and I love their attention to detail and commitment to quality and customer service.


Finally, we love the way you use botanical elements in your products. If you could choose one plant or flower that you have enjoyed working with, what would it be?

VW: I have really loved making Dog Roses, they just have such a simple beauty to them and I love how the stamen in my Dog Rose Locket creates a protective enclosure for its central diamond.
If you'd like to learn more about Victoria's exquisite products, please visit our online store

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