Top tips for shopping sustainably at Christmas

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As a small local business which is inspired by botanical illustration and the natural world, being socially and environmentally responsible is extremely important to us. We buy products from local companies wherever possible, use all paper and biodegradable packaging, recycle almost all of our waste and use planet-friendly inks in our printing. Our limited edition prints are printed locally and all of our staff walk to work. We also try to champion biodiversity and healthy living via our blog and newsletters and to share our knowledge on the fabulous planet we live on and how we find ways to connect to it more deeply – whether that be through art, spending time outdoors or learning about our impact on the world. 

We are also proud to stock the products of a number of other brands and makers. When we select stock, we always consider the ethics of and environmental impact of a brand’s products, where they’re made and what they’re made from. As a result, our store is full of fabulous environmentally friendly products. Almost all of which are made in the UK and many of which are made in Cornwall. 


Top tips for shopping sustainably this christmas

As a small local business which is inspired by botanical illustration and the natural world, being socially and environmentally responsible is extremely important to us.


We’re well aware that like everyone else, there’s more that we can do in our approach to sustainability. In particular, we have been making recent efforts to stock products from as close to home as possible. However, we also feel like we’ve learnt lots whilst making the effort so far. Therefore, in the run up to December, we’d like to share some of our top tips for shopping sustainably this Christmas with you. As consumers, our buying power brings with it the possibility to support local and planet-friendly businesses, which has an impact on people, planet, community and biodiversity. Not only this, but it helps us to support shop owners and businesses in our local area, and means that the quality of the gifts we are sharing with loved ones are much better!

Top tips for shopping sustainably this Christmas


How to shop sustainably this Christmas

There are a number of questions we can ask ourselves when purchasing, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year. We list them below and share our pointers on things we can look out for before we buy. 

Is it local?
Considering who you are buying from goes a long way. Local, independent brands who show a commitment to sustainability are a better option than those who mass produce their products.

Where was it made?
 Even local stores may stock products which are shipped from far-off destinations. Buying gifts which are made locally will reduce the carbon footprint of your shopping list. 

How was it made?
 Understanding the process behind production is just as important as where it is made. Natural products which don’t include polluting chemicals and use less carbon during their creation have less of an impact on the environment.

Will the product last?
Over 14 million tonnes of waste are sent to landfill sites in the UK each year. Purchasing high-quality products which will withstand repeated use or last a long time help us to reduce this amount. 

Is it recyclable?
Even when buying long-lasting products, it’s important to consider where they will end up. Items made from recyclable materials are less likely to be discarded into landfill and can often be made into something else. 

Can I collect it?
  If you do feel the need to buy goods online, try to use click and collect services rather than using postage. This reduces packaging and travel miles. 

How will I wrap it? After we’ve purchased our gifts, we can still take steps to be more sustainable. Opting for recycled wrapping paper or using old packaging we have left at home means less waste.

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