The Power of Crystals

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Words by Claire Corbett

After our recent turbulent time spent isolated in lockdown, it’s of little surprise that we are all craving deep reconnection; with ourselves, with others and with nature. In this moment of uncertainty, many of us sought ways to be more mindful, to calm anxiety, alleviate stress, and resultingly found comfort in stability and ritual. 

During occassions when we are put under pressure this is when we learn; the imperfect moments form us, and create the paths of our life. And it is under great pressure, in the cracks of the earth that crystals are formed, under the influence of different temperatures and pressures, atoms combine in an amazing array of crystal shapes. In this way, it is clear to see the link to crystals helping us gain resilience in life. Crystals and stones have a deeply reassuring sense of permanence that the world will persevere.

Clear quartz crystals sat in a wooden bowl surrounded by green botanicals

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a type of alternative therapy that involves using gemstones to bring balance to an individual's life and mind; it’s the ‘practice of mineral application and attunement for energetic alignment and balance,’ says Mariah K. Lyons, author of Crystal Healing for Women.

Crystals are said to have a ‘stable and unchanging energy pattern, each with a unique frequency and energy field, or resonance’ that gives them special properties, explains Judy Hall, in her work, The Little Book of Crystals. As a result, they ‘act like tuning forks,’ helping bring ‘harmony’ to the ‘very unstable energy field of the human body’.


Cluster of crystals sat together on bedside table

The History of Crystals

Humans have been using crystals for various healing and ritual reasons for centuries. Both geographically and culturally, a diverse range of groups have turned to crystals and gemstones to address diverse needs over the millennia.

While the oldest legends of crystal magic date back to the mythical ancient continent of Atlantis whose people allegedly used crystals for telepathic communication (Raphael 1985), it is believed that the crystal customs continued to perpetuate in Egypt, South America, and Tibet over subsequent centuries.

For the Ancient Egyptians, topaz was used against nightmares and evil spirits. Lapis was made into a poultice and rubbed into the crown of the head to take away all spiritual impurities. Malachite was often used by pharaohs in their headdresses to assist them in ruling wisely, and in the form of powder to cure poor eyesight and stimulate inner vision.

In India, crystals were considered to possess great spiritual and emotional powers and played a strong role in chakra healing. Moonstone was thought to be able to arouse love, and onyx was believed to help release one from the ties of love, while ruby was considered the ‘king of precious stones’.

The study of crystal’s healing properties in Europe began in the 11th century, where precious and semi-precious stones were used in the treatment of certain ailments. Typically stones were used alongside herbal remedies, and were believed to have particular qualities of strength or protection.

Even in Chinese cultures, jade was a highly valued stone that was represented in the form of musical instruments, and around 1000 years ago Chinese emperors were sometimes buried in jade armor.

Although the culture of crystal and spiritual healing is an ancient practice, it is now being recycled in a way where the rules and rituals are shared from across cultures.


A collection of rose quartz crystals

The Benefits of Crystal healing

Natural remedies are no stranger to those who want to live a holistic, healthy lifestile and while we are seeking stronger paths to connect with the natural world, alternative therapies like crystal healing are coming to the fore.

Crystals act as a power hold for healing as they allow positive, fruitful energy to flow into the body and do away with the negative, toxic energy. Like other forms of alternative therapy, crystals work by channelising your energy levels, thereby, focus on healing your body from the inside.

Popular Crystals and their Properties

It’s not hard to understand how Moonstone, a white luminescent crystal, got its name. Hindu legend links its formation to the moonbeams, and Romans calls it the ‘collective beam of moonlight in a solid form’.

Moonstone became known as the “Traveler’s Stone” due to travelers’ belief that it would protect them and help light their path. Its brilliant glow even led to legends that sucking the stone could reveal one’s destiny.

The stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters. Because it embodies the energy of light, connecting with a Moonstone crystal also works to raise your vibration and uplift your spirit. Together, these forces guide you out of the darkness and into the light.

Rose Quartz
According to Bob Kammerling’s article “Rose Quartz History and Lore,” the Egyptians believed that rose quartz could ward off aging, the Romans used rose quartz as a seal to signify ownership, and in the Middle Ages, it was used in healing potions.

Today rose quartz is known as the “love stone” and is used to “balance emotions as well as heal anger and disappointment.”

This crystal could curate an abundant flow of unconditional love energy and stimulate unbreakable bonds, both for others and themselves. Rose quartz could also heal the heart from past trauma and broken relationships as well as trigger people to become more in tune with themselves in order to understand and produce self-love. It is seen to replace negativity with loving energies, opening individuals up to self-forgiveness and trust.

The meaning of the name of this stone comes from the Latin word for 'red'.
Some say ruby originated as the third eye of dragons; sculptors also place one on the Buddha’s brow to represent the third eye and reincarnation.

In China, because red is the color of good luck, rubies were said to stimulate innate life force, and they were worn to draw other people to the wearer. They were said to captivate others with the charisma and natural energy of the stone.

The Ruby stone is an excellent aid to assist you with recharging your energy levels. It promotes passion and a zest for life, improves motivation and setting of realistic goals.

It suppoorts positive dreams and encourages removal of negative energies from your path. It overcomes exhaustion and lethargy and imparts potency and vigour. If you wish to increase your ability to dream, and in particular wish to experience lucid dreams, put a piece of Ruby under the pillow.

Overall, it has been said that malachite has the power to detoxify one’s emotional body, release negative and painful emotions, and clear old traumas from this, as well as past lives.

Immense protection power, a mind cleansed of toxic thinking and feelings, and a warning bell that triggers when things seem “off” are all possible results of carrying malachite. These healing stones are also said to promote a daily dose of courage and change while serving as a symbolic reminder to take risks and persevere.

Different cultures have ascribed various uses and meanings to Amethyst, which give it a rich history and increase its desire.

Ancient Greeks thought Amethyst guarded against drunkenness, likely due to the connected mythology about Dionysus, and crafted their wine goblets from Amethyst stone. Ancient Egyptians believed in its healing powers and thought that it offered protection during travel.

Chinese cultures believed that Amethyst helped increase wealth, which is why Amethyst is used in Feng Shui as a means of wealth enhancement. Feng Shui also recognizes Amethyst as a means of providing balance, harmony, and cleansing.

In modern day culture, Amethyst is used to relieve stress and sadness, remove negativity and ease grief. The stone's use can often be a symbol and source of support, as well as helping focus your mind and reduce the effect of headaches, making meditation easier and more beneficial in the process.

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