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For the past 10 years I have been invited to host Botanical Illustration Workshops in some of the most inspiring and extraordinary venues across the county. Each property will always come with a certain charm, and as we relax into a class of painting and drawing invariably the location slowly steeps into conversation and often the illustrations. Whenever possible I like to use seasonal flowers and foliage which will mostly be collected from the grounds we are working from which somehow again resonates a deeper connection to each specific location.

This May I am absolutely thrilled after many, many a conversation to finally hold a workshop at the New Yard Restaurant, here in Cornwall.

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of discovering The New Yard Restaurant you are in for such a treat. Tucked away in the ancient woodland of Trelowarren’s private estate, the New Yard gracefully combines both rural life and stately history. Brimming with artful character, it bestows a poetic quality, which somehow instills further desire to inspire creativity.

The New Yard Restaurant

Our Botanical Illustration Workshop takes place in the restaurant within the historic stable yard at the Trelowarren in Cornwall, a private estate that has been owned by the same family for over 600 years. The New Yard restaurant is run by Caroline and Jeffrey Robinson, who were recently awarded a Green Michelin Star, recognising gastronomy as well as sustainable practice. If you have the good fortune to meet either of them you will feel the energy and passion for this place falls into every detail of making the New Yard Restaurant a very special place. Whilst keeping a sympathetic nod to the rich and cultural past of the bones of these grounds I absolutely love the way in which they have welcomed other members of the cornish community such as myself to offer a little artistic flavour into the mix. 

The Walled Garden

With all the romance of a  walled garden, there is always something quite magical about stepping into a space which will have been used by generations on the estate for centuries. Last year the New Yard restaurant gained access to the walled garden and I for one am certainly excited to see what will be in bloom for our workshop and will definitely be looking for some interesting flowers and foliage for everyone to illustrate. 



The New Yard Restaurant

An utterly glorious space within the restaurant, you'll discover as you step inside a greeting of provenance and beauty, the perfect backdrop for a Botanical Illustration Workshop - with a few sweet treats from the pantry to tempt you along the way. I just can't wait too curate a pretty collection of freshly cut flowers and foliage from the walled garden and the estate grounds. Which will undoubtedly provide the most inspiring botanicals to capture in watercolours.

The Workshop

During the workshop I will gently guide all the participants to learn how to draw from observation, teaching traditional methods and skills I have mastered from my own practice to create true to life drawings. We will also look at creating our own watercolour charts to work from, this is an incredibly cathartic and relaxing part of the class which everyone always enjoys and an essential part of making realistic studies.

Every step of the workshop will be taken together and will be completely suitable for even the absolute beginner. I will also provide all of the materials on the day, including the Sennelier Watercolours, and TomBow pencils which I use in my own illustrations. You will be amazed how in one workshop you will be able to create your own beautiful and unique botanical illustration to take home.


 botanical illustration


To discover more about this workshop or make a booking please find more information here.

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