Our First Birthday!!

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Everyone loves a before and after!

On November 1st 2018 we picked up our keys to 19a Arwenack Street, excitedly looking forwards to an adventure in retail. Something which I have to admit I had no prior experience, potentially daunting perhaps? Given the Brexit fears that have swept the nation with uncertainty. In the usual Sarah Jane Humphrey indomitable spirit , of embracing life, and tenacity of will to push my visions out there, I took those keys and never looked back.

For anyone familiar with the shops history you may have remembered it as a vintage clothing store owned by our good neighbours at Wild Pony.

....Which has to be said, was 'Wildly' different for what I had in mind, but an exciting project. I have always had a penchant for interior design and am no stranger to renovation after working my way through many properties over the years. I looked at this more of a challenge with 9 days from getting the keys to our opening night, in all honesty there wasn't any spare time to worry about it.

First things first, there was a changing room and a wall to take out, and much sanding to the point of not having fingerprints to open the Touch ID on the phone I had at the time, modern problems!! However things began to come together with the help of my amazing (almost husband) Jon.

Working pretty tirelessly with the drive of the opening, we made it and on November 9th threw open the doors to our friends, family and some of our very first collaborators, whose brands have become part of the furniture at Botanical Atelier.

 Before and afters, one year on!


Over the past year I have enjoyed hundreds of conversations, met people who have now become friends or creative collaborators, and can honestly say it has been well worth the leap of faith into a new venture. I am truly excited to see what 2020 might bring and want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Botanical Atelier, as I couldn't have done it without you. 

Sarah x

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  • Have just come across your site following a link from Instagram. Really love what you do, site is amazing and the whole package is great. Will follow with interest.

    Gavin on
  • We couldn’t have been more proud of our daughter in everything she has achieved. From the day she was able to hold a crayon, she has sketched and drawn every day so is it any wonder she is such an acclaimed artist today.

    Dad on

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