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You may have noticed over the passed few months I haven't been as present as usual at Botanical Atelier. But I have to tell you I certainly haven't been resting on my laurels! The studio work has been really busy and I have been enjoying greatly the chance immerse myself in some lovely projects.


Studio news

Les Rocquettes Hotel

The beginning of the year started with a wonderful brief from the Les Rocquettes Hotel in Guernsey, working with their interior designer to produce 18 artworks for their newly furbished restaurant and bar areas. This was a big commission but really fun to work on botanical illustrations on a larger scale. One of the initial design concepts was sent to me, and interesting to get a gauge of my clients proposed use of colour and styling. You might notice a few familiar botanical illustrations in the background, from my 'Medicinal Fruits Collection'. This was really useful and made it easier to come up with ideas of which botanical illustrations would compliment the space. I am really excited to see how it has all materialised but will have to keep you posted!


Les Roquettes Hotel

Image by Michele Hilton Design


Jack's Supermarket

The early part of 2022 saw some more commissions from an ongoing project for Jack's supermarkets which are a partner of Tesco. Over the years I periodically illustrate fruit and vegetables to go on their vintage style tinned goods.This year I have been working on some new lines for them, which is a slightly stylised version of my usual work and lovely to see my illustrations alongside some great design. To this day I have never actually had a can in my hands as we don't have any of the Jack's supermarkets here, but maybe one-day it will happen!


Tinned food packaging

Tesco Finest

March saw another repeat commission to illustrate a new label for the 'Melodist' which is a Gin made by Tesco. I had worked with the design agency previously on their London Dry and Sloe Gin's but this was for a new bottle in the same range. It was great to work with an amazing design team again, and I love this packaging! They actually they won an award for the previous two bottles. 


The Melodist Gin

Prima & Ultima

This company make exquisite Single Malt Whiskey's, and I was honoured to be involved in a very special collectors edition they had put together. Working again with the design team on an excellent brief they explored intricate stories behind each unique blend and asked me to bring these to life with monochrome illustrations. I can't say too much and have yet to have seen the final product, but I am looking forwards to seeing my black and white illustrations foiled in gold for some very special packaging.


My most recent deadline has been for BrewDog, not for beer cans as you might imagine but working with their distillery again for the 500 cuts Botanical Rum. Some years ago I worked with BrewDog on their packaging label for this Rum which was an awesome project and great to stretch the boundaries of traditional botanical illustration. I literally can't wait to share this project with you, but for now my lips are sealed until they are ready to launch.


BrewDog botanical illustration


As for now, I am just about to begin another commission which looks to be very exciting, and if a lull appears I will get back to some personal projects and work on some more of seaweed paintings, I hope you have enjoyed a small insight into what goes on in a small studio in Cornwall, and perhaps even surprised at how diverse botanical illustration can be!

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  • Congratulations on some wonderful commissions. Your work is beautiful.

    Irene on

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