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I first had the pleasure of meeting Naomi at the Potager Gardens, in Cornwall, after one of her Creative Roots workshops. Curious as always, I was keen to learn of what she had been making as she packed away her mysterious potions. At this particular workshop Naomi was teaching the ancient art of Botanical Ink making, where I bought my first pot, intrigued by the simplicity and excited to see how far I could push it as a Botanical Artist using my own methods. Since then I have taught a number of Botanical Illustration Workshops using the Creative Roots ink and we now sell it at the shop in Falmouth.

Introducing  Naomi Hannam the founder of Creative Roots.

I use craft, nature connection and coaching to support people to connect with the abundance of nature, the strength of community and the beauty of creativity.  From an early age my passion and love of the outdoors found me sleeping under the stars, adventuring with little in my pack and making from only what is in the natural world. It is this creativity, simplicity, awe and wonder that I strive to share through my business Creative Roots.

Living in a world where there is so much destruction, violence and turmoil – drawing attention to beauty and hope feels vital to keep walking forwards. It is a way to seeing  the darkness without falling in.  My hands are rarely still and my mind curious to learn. I love being outside and learning to make from the abundance of nature. I weave - baskets, wool and stories. I make ink and pull drawings from my imagination and the hedgerows and run workshops to share these processes . 
Creative Roots runs bespoke craft workshops in ink making, weaving, natural dying, foraging and drawing in nature.

Illustration by, Sarah Jane Humphrey, in Creative Roots Oak Gall Ink.

We have been using Naomi's Botanical Inks, made from Oak Gall at our workshops. With every small and unique batch offering a slightly different variant of colour it's always exciting to see what's coming next. We have a fresh set that has just arrived in the Creative Roots signature style bottles, available through Botanical Atelier for £12


Head straight over to our SHOP to buy your BOTANICAL INK online


Our next Ink Workshop at Botanical Atelier is in October, dates will be released soon...

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