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How time flies...

Somehow months seem to have sneaked past since Louis began his first day at Botanical Atelier, so without any further introduction for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting our newest member of staff and plant loving extraordinaire, here he is. 

Hi there, I’m Louis, a recent addition to the Botanical Atelier team. As a lover of all things botanical with a passion for interiors, working with Sarah couldn’t have been a nicer fit. While writing this, it’s become apparent that I’m teetering on the last six months of being in my twenties…looking back, I’ve had a varied education and mixed career which has given me the motivation to slow down and live the life that is good for me and my creativity. I recently took the plunge to move back to Falmouth and I believe that this new journey will lead me to a life of inspiration, balance and fulfilment.


I grew up in an environment which promoted being creative. Trying new things and expressing oneself was fundamental to my day-to-day, especially having a grandmother who showed me that it was okay to do so. She is an artist who moved from London to St Ives in the 70’s when the artist movement in Cornwall was in full swing. An avid gardener and landscape artist, she instilled in me the importance of the natural world and how it was a tool that can be used to inspire many forms of creativity, from pottering around in the garden, to painting a still life, or cooking up a banquet for the family.


After years of practicing art at school and college, I embarked on a foundation diploma in art & design which allowed me to fully express my banked creativity. I got to try my hand at sculpture, printmaking, life drawing and textiles, which opened a path to studying Theatre & Costume Design at Wimbledon College of Art in London. During my time there I learnt to express myself in a more free and abstract way, allowing me to tell a story through my creations.


Another opportunity surfaced a few years later in the form of a Creative Advertising degree at Falmouth. I was able to expand my creativity within a business and corporate environment, and spent several years in the industry as an art director, copywriter and account executive. All of these roles enabled my brain to spark with energy, but the reality was keeping this spark alive wasn’t sustainable and my body began to tell me that I was going to burn out unless I changed my life.


So it seems that I’ve come full circle. That little boy by his grandmother’s side making mountainous mud cakes or painting on the coastal cliffs had surfaced inside me once again and I knew I needed to be surrounded by the nature that inspired all of my endeavours up to this point. I’m now back in Cornwall with a new career path, a house renovation project and lifestyle which gives back that equilibrium I had been searching for.



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