Meet Harriet Coleman the Founder of WEST Apothecary

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Harriet Coleman is an Herbalist and the Founder of West Apothecary. 


We are delighted to introduce you to some of the stories behind the makers and wonderful businesses we are championing here at Botanical Atelier. At times there is such a beautiful synergy between a product, a person and an ethos that the fit with our brand is almost effortless in deciding to work with them. 

We have been stocking West Apothecary in our shop for just a short while and already they are being greatly received. With Harriet's unique and distinctive choice of herbs, for making her collection of handmade and plant based products, we are sure you will be as charmed as we are by them. 

With no further a do here is Harriet's story.

Harriet has always been fascinated with the great outdoors spending most of her time as an Herbalist interacting with the natural environment. Gathering and foraging from the abundant hedgerows of our English countryside, understanding the shifts of the seasons and what our native lands provide is key when utilising plants for their medicinal benefits and for our wellbeing.  


Previous to becoming an Herbalist.

Harriet is a former Interntional model who has worked globally for many familiar designers and brands, residing in London, New York and Asia. Over a decade of dedication Harriet decided to leave the fashion industry after witnessing a true insight of the modelling world and yearned connection to a more sustainable and less harmful way of living, that was nature! 

Harriet decided to enrol on an apprenticeship with the country's leading Herbalist, Anne McIntyre where she completed her Herbal Medicinal training, soon realising that Herbalism was her ‘true calling’ and her path of heart. From a fully immersive experience to unlocking her senses and understanding our natural world, Harriet decided to create her own plant-based lifestyle brand focusing on the benefits that nature provides and the power of plants! 

West Apothecary creates a direct link to nature, every product has been made with a deep understanding of the natural world and curated with a clean consciousness. All products are 100% plant based, vegan friendly and gender neutral. Focusing on the daily essentials and promoting the importance of self-care. Harriet the founder of West Apothecary is stocking in shops across Cornwall and London.


Harriet is also running plant immersive experiences and workshops in her Apothecary here in Cornwall, her aim is to bring people and plants together – as we are nature.  


Instagram: @westapothecary @harriet_coleman  


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