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'Introducing Donna, the founder of The Sea of Grass Studio. I had the good fortune of meeting Donna before we even opened our shop in Falmouth, and during that very first coffee we immediately found a synergy between our thoughts and ethics'. 






The Sea of Grass Story.


The Sea of Grass was a prairie on the plains of the Ukraine many millennia ago. An area where Asian, Celtic and European cultures came together. I love the idea of this, as I was born into the cultural melting pot of Singapore, with Scottish, Romany and Italian ancestry. I wanted a name that was natural and inclusive as the materials come from all corners of the earth. 





I have been making all my life, working with paper, stone, glass, metal and textiles. The first commercial project that I pursued was making and selling handmade paper, at the same time as working alongside my ex-partner with whom I had a stone carving business. It was many years later whilst painting and selling cards and prints that Sea of Grass came into being, as my customers loved the vibrancy of colour and asked to purchase the paints that I was using in my own artwork that I had made myself. No two handmade batches of paints or crayons are the same as each pigment behaves differently when making my products. Different quantities are needed for each colour, you have to feel your way, it’s not prescriptive and every small batch is unique. 





Sea of Grass has been inspired by my background, a love of the natural world and the sustainable, natural materials I have explored for creative projects with my children. This has grown from making homemade crayons and paints for my children to offering a selection of quality products for all ages. Sustainability is a huge priority and I continually look at ways to achieve this through supplier transparency, recyclability, biodegradability, fair trade, small businesses and low impact materials, it is a work in progress. I have lots more ideas for handmade products in the works that will expand the brand beyond art materials. 





The Sea of Grass studio is a love of colour, and a love of quality, natural materials sourced from all corners of the earth. It is a union of modern, sustainable technologies and simple craft processes. These handmade products are made with care by myself in my studio in North Cornwall, all the materials are responsibly sourced and the suppliers are small eco-friendly businesses. It is so exciting to be a small part of what some described as the ‘power and the goodness of the micro economy’. 


We stock 'The Sea of Grass Studio' products at our shop in Falmouth, they are not currently available on our website but please do get in touch with any enquires as we are more than happy to post them out to you.

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