Celebrating International Women's Day

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For us, international women’s day is about celebrating sisterhood. It marks a moment for women to be celebrated in every way possible and is an important day for recognising the value that women bring to individual communities and collectively to the world. 

In celebration of International Women’s Day approaches, it seems apt to take a look back and bring light once more to some of the wonderfully creative and inspirational women that we’ve featured so far on Botanical Atelier’s blog. 

Clara Jonas

Clara Jonas, is an illustrator and graphic designer currently residing and creating in North Cornwall. 

Influenced by the inspiration she finds through the Cornish sea, the outdoors, the esoteric and the ephemeral, it’s of little surprise that her work can be seen alongside big brands such as Finisterre, Wanderlustlife and Jubel. 

We adore Clara’s passion for lifestyle-based creativity and relate to her desire to build a community amongst those who are helping invest in a better, more balanced and sustainable future for ourselves and the earth. 

Victoria Walker

Victoria is an internationally recognised jeweller and creates fine pieces using precious metals and stones, all whilst using traditional methods.  

She grew up in rural Cumbria and at 16 I moved to Cornwall to study fine art and illustration and then completed a degree in jewellery and silversmithing at Truro College. After graduating, she spent a few years selling her work at various design fairs around the country and had great support from the Goldsmiths Company, winning a free stand at her first show with them at the start of her career. 

More recently, a film about her work went viral on Facebook and since then her customer base has grown internationally.

Charlotte Evans

Last summer we added another valued member of staff to our small but growing team: Charlotte

Charlotte's friendly personality and creative flair have made her a wonderful addition to the shop. Not only this, but Charlotte is a talented artist in her own right. Working from a converted brick shed – The Old Brick Studio in Falmouth – Charlotte explores illustration, surface pattern, design and painting.

After finishing her Fine Art and Design foundation at Falmouth University she moved up to Leeds to complete a BA Hons degree in Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design.

Since then she has explored many avenues of design, building up a skillset that has led her to the point she’s at today: from interning at a trend forecasting company in Newcastle, to working as a kitchen designer in the Midlands and then onto working in-house as a creative designer and illustrator in Cornwall.


Our own in-house horticultural knowledge base, Alice, has worked for Botanical Atelier for quite some time, and we are so lucky to have her as a part of the team. A Horticulture student at the Eden Project with a background in anthropology, teaching and adolescent mental health. She is obsessed with the beauty, complexity and diversity of plants - from the 50+ indoor house plants she takes care of to the organic fruit and vegetables that she grows up at her allotment, plants fascinate her and occupy most of her time in one form or another.

Harriet Coleman

Herbalist and the Founder of West Apothecary, Harriet has always been fascinated with the great outdoors spending most of her time as a Herbalist interacting with the natural environment. Harriet is a former International model who has worked globally for many familiar designers and brands, residing in London, New York and Asia. Over a decade of dedication, Harriet decided to leave the fashion industry after witnessing a true insight of the modelling world and yearned connection to a more sustainable and less harmful way of living, that was nature!  

Donna Jonas

Founder of The Sea of Grass Studio, Donna has been been making all her life, working with paper, stone, glass, metal and textiles.

Sea of Grass was been inspired by her background, a love of the natural world and the sustainable, natural materials she has explored for creative projects with my children. Sustainability is a huge priority for Donna and she continually looks at ways to achieve this through supplier transparency, recyclability, biodegradability, fair trade, small businesses and low impact materials.

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