How to Connect with Nature this month

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The Goodness in Nature

As we head deeper into December and the cold and less forgiving weather settles in, it can be easy to stay indoors more often and loose touch with nature. With the days being shorter, and the general busyness at this time of year, before you know it the sun is setting once more and throwing a blanket of darkness over the outdoors. 


woodland walk


Making a conscious effort to try and get outside, particularly in the daylight, can be monumentally life changing. At this time of year, embracing the season can offer a world of good for us physically and supports our wellbeing too. Taking a walk outside and observing some of the natural beauty that surrounds you can have a huge positive impact.

Spending time outdoors provides us with the opportunity to experience things we wouldn't see otherwise. In my garden at the moment, we are enjoying watching the little Wren's zip around from tree to tree and the last of this year's pollinators enjoying the Fatsia japonica. Along the Cornish coastline we have been really treated this month with visiting whales and other large cetaceans. We have certainly been excited to hear the news of a Humpback Whale coasting through the waters around Mounts Bay. It just goes to show how lucky you may be, when you're outdoors immersed in nature.

Despite the dark and cold, there are plenty of fun things to do outside this time of year. I'd like to share some of what I've been doing throughout December with you, in the hope it may provide inspiration for spending more time outdoors. 

 Christmas Wreath 


When you are on a woodland walk, why not try collecting some wind-fallen sprigs and berries and have a go at making your own wreath. If you can't find enough to make a full and rich collection of foliage, why not supplement it with some extra stems from your local florist. For extra tips and inspiration pick up a copy of 'Wreaths' by Katie Smith & Terri Chandler (available in store).

Nordic goodness

Nordic Goodness 


I have been working my way through the 'Happy Vegan Christmas' book by Karoline Jönsson. It's an absolute delight, packed full of positive and delightful Scandinavian knowledge. I am an avid cold water swimmer and there are plenty of drinks recipes in here which I think will work well before and after a swim.

I'm looking forwards to trying a Midvinterblot Shot before heading out into the water, with the warming properties of ginger and an amazing amount of vitamins packed into one tiny drink. I imagine this should be a good one to give my body an extra boost.


Midvinterblot Shot

2 raw beetroot (about 200g) scrubbed and cut into small pieces
1 blood orange
1 lemon
Fresh Ginger peeled (100g)
Fresh Turmeric unpeeled (50g)
Place all the ingredients with 200ml of water in a blender until smooth. Strain through muslin and squeeze out all the juice.

Being kind to all animals and the environment, and yourself 

bird feeder


Karoline's beautifully written book also explores the gentle nature of nurturing ourselves and our surroundings. I particularly love this dear little image from the book of a Blue Tit, enjoying a little perch on this teacup bird feeder. What a great idea for re-cycling any chipped or dis-used china. Simply fill with a warmed vegan fat and birdseed mixture, put a twig in place and leave to set. 


 All books mentioned in this blog are available from our shop and online.





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