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Why it made sense for national brand Æcorn Drinks to hold a workshop event in Falmouth’s Botanical Atelier

By Lydia Paleschi

Botanical Atelier’s recent cocktail workshop collaboration with Æcorn Drinks was a huge success, both introducing members of the local community to a new alcohol-free drink alternative and providing another opportunity for all to get their creative juices flowing. Whilst Botanical Atelier is well accustomed to connecting with other businesses  this event got me wondering, why is it that a national brand travelled all the way to Cornwall to collaborate? 


Part of the beauty of living in Cornwall is being tucked away, far from the hustle and bustle of city life, but sometimes this means we can feel left behind or cut off from exciting events and product launches. This collaboration was a rare opportunity for Falmouth locals to attend a national brand workshop. Aside from the fact I’m a huge fan of Sarah’s work, I also think the event took place because of inclusivity, connectivity and the rise of the experience highstreet. 




Thankfully, we live in an age in which inclusivity is championed. Æcorn’s Brand Ambassador tells me that the aim is to be inclusive and “to make ‘not drinking’ not a thing.” Not only this, but rather than being London-centric, the aim is to offer everyone the choice to access alcohol-free beverages that can be enjoyed. It seems logical therefore, for them to reach out to different communities, including the more rural like Falmouth to show that socialising without alcohol is just as fun (if not more so!) whilst being a far healthier option. Æcorn has recognised that it’s not just city dwellers that love socialising and have sought to introduce us to a product which they hope will revolutionise the way people drink and spend time with friends. 




With the continuous bombardment of advertisements and an overwhelming choice of products on offer, we’re more likely than ever to take the word of someone we know before buying new products, or better still to try them beforehand. It’s important for us to understand what we’re buying and the story behind the products we consume. This is something Botanical Atelier promotes in-store, through a story-telling aspect to workshops and collaborating with other brands with similar interests. For those of us that know, trust and love the products Sarah stocks we’re more likely to try new additions to the store. For me, it’s unlikely that I would have tried Æcorn Drinks otherwise, and now I can safely say I’m a fan (dry with tonic, please!) 


All images by Ali Green

The high street experience 


It’s well-known that in recent years high street stores have been struggling and with this there has been an increase in the desire for “experiences”. The success of Botanical Atelier’s workshops makes this abundantly clear and it’s a rewarding experience to learn new skills whilst meeting fellow lovely community members in the process. For brands like Æcorn, it makes sense to provide people with an immersive experience, one which creates fond memories and where we can all come away feeling revitalised and like we’ve learnt something. To hold an event with a business in a part of the country they haven’t accessed yet, whilst collaborating with someone who is already successfully holding events of their own in this area is an excellent way to branch out. 


Personally, I loved this event and I hope that this can be an example of what’s to come in Cornwall. 


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