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Learn Botanical Illustration from home

Some weeks ago I was wracking my brain on the best way to deliver some tips and techniques to Botanical Illustration whilst I can't host my usual workshops. There are so many things you can try from the comfort of your own home, with a few simple tasks and new ideas.

How to find my tips and tasks

If you are a total beginner or perhaps it may have been a while since you have done any drawing, I will be offering advice on the best way to get started. You can follow the journey on any of my social media accounts, the buttons are all on the bottom of the home page to get you connected. Or learn through the Blog.

Getting Started on your Illustration journey

Before we begin, I know how daunting it can be to begin a new sketchbook, or make that first mark of a white piece of paper. Sometimes I work from a few pages in and often from the last page working backwards, very 'Da Vinci'!

I have a growing range of Art Materials available to buy from the online shop, recently I have been enjoying our Magma Sketchbooks, Bamboo Dip Pens, and TomBow Pencils. All of these are in stock and can be delivered straight to your home, we also ship internationally.



There are few bits and pieces you may like to put together to work on some of my drawing journals

Basic Materials List

* Pencil

* Fine Liner Pen

* Sketchbook

* Ink

* Dip Pen

* Paintbrushes

* Watercolours

Look out for the next blog where I will be offering some FREE drawing warm up tasks for you to try at home.


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  • Dearest Sarah,
    I can’t wait for your marvelous tips!
    They will be more than welcome.

    Esperanza on

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