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Last month we launched a new edition to our Botanical Illustration Workshop programme, offering live online courses. This has had a fantastic response and has been so lovely to connect with artists from all around the world. From the comfort of your own home you can now work on beautiful illustrations whilst being gently guided through a process giving you lots of take away advice to continue at your own pace after the class. It has been particularly touching, especially over lockdown to see friends from afar booking classes together and enjoying the same experience from different houses.


ink workshop


What's involved in a Workshop?


Each of our workshops specialise in different mediums, yet always on a botanical theme. We will be introducing all of your favourite sessions that we used to host at the shop online, and lots more. Please sign up to our newsletter for all of the latest events (if you haven't done so already)! 

Every workshop begins with a brief introduction followed by a step-by-step practice. Offering demonstrations throughout the class to show you how to use art materials and learn techniques in painting and drawing. As our workshops are relatively small classes there is always an opportunity to ask questions and advice, to help you get the most from your workshop.

We also like to send out a beautiful bespoke pdf to each participant with all the information you need to know before your class starts and lots of helpful reminders on what we will cover in the workshop, in case you want to try it again in your own time.


Botanical Illustration, Ink drawing

Botanical Inks Workshop


During this workshop uncover the basics of observational drawing working in a fine liner pen, learning traditional techniques to create texture and tone. With careful guidance in using an ink wash over your drawings you'll discover how to achieve depth and interest to your illustrations. 

Prior to becoming a Botanical Illustrator I studied technical illustration learning how to master the accurate skills of working precisely in pen and ink. These attributes have set me up with a great deal of knowledge on how to apply a range of marks in the ink medium. This has led onto botanical inked commissions with The Eden Project, cosmetic companies and packaging design. Throughout our workshops you will be amazed with how quickly you progress and learn more about the beautiful genre of botanical art.


 Botanical Ink Box

Ink Box 

To enhance your experience on our Botanical Ink Workshops we have created a bespoke package of all the art materials you will need to take part in one of our classes. This includes 'drawing tips', a fine liner pen, walnut ink, and a canvas bound sketchbook, all packaged beautifully and available online or at the shop in Falmouth when we open on the 12th April.

Learn more about our ink boxes here



A Creative Space


Finally, whilst our workshops are going on in the privacy of our own homes and studios it has been so rewarding to see the artworks you have shared with me on social media. It really helps people discover us, and is also a wonderful opportunity to let others be inspired by your botanical illustrations. So please do keep on tagging us into your creative images made during workshops and we'll do our best to keep sharing on our instagram stories.


Find us using the handle @botanical.atelier #botanicalatelier



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