Botanical Illustration Workshops are back!

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Live Workshops online

It feels so good to finally be able to say this, that after over 12 months of patiently waiting I can finally offer you our much loved Botanical Illustration Workshops again. This time round there will be a few changes, adapting to our new and ever changing situations.



painting with espresso


Join our workshops from wherever you are


Now you will be able to book our workshops online, and attend them virtually from the comfort of your own home or workspace. We will be introducing all the same classes as before with lots of different mediums to try, and inspiration to continue your journey even after the session. 


workshops from home


Now we are able to teach our workshops online, it means you no longer need to be visiting us in Cornwall and in fact can attend from anywhere in the world. Which is a brilliant way to connect with a friend or family member from different locations and take part in the same experience.


How it works


Simply book your space through our website shop, choosing the date you would like to attend. We will send out all the Information via email, which includes a unique zoom link and beautiful PDF with what to expect from your session and a materials list to prepare. This is just a guide but will help you prepare for your class and get the absolute best out of your 2 hour workshop.  


Botanical Study


Art Materials


We have a growing selection of art materials to buy online so if you need a few extra products to get started on your botanical illustration journey we can help you. Whether that's watercolours or botanical inks we have lots of interesting art materials to inspire you into creating your own masterpieces.


Beginners Welcome


As always we welcome everyone to our workshops, and no experience is necessary. All you need to get started is to click that link to book your class and I will gently guide you through the rest.

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