An investment in yourself is always a good one.

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So whilst running along the coastline this morning, which incidentally is as much as exercise for my body it is a fundamental space to build new creative thoughts and feed my soul. I stumbled upon a prospect which I can't quite shake from my mind. 

What if I made a commitment this year to invest in myself. I'll be turning 42 in February and I can honestly say I think most of my life has been over balanced with pleasing those around me, at a cost sometimes to my own happiness and desires. As much advice as I give out to friends and family of the importance of self care and making decisions in life that fuel you as a person, I wonder if I may have neglected my own?

I have a vision in mind that one day in the future I will be living a perfectly content life, I will have absorbed much time on my own journey and created my own adventures. My happiness will exude from a lifetime of building inner strength, and a freedom to make choices that will empower not only myself, yet those around me...


Yet wait, is this just a fanciful dream? When does one quite start on this mission? This year, apart from hopefully more journaling to keep all of this little thoughts in one space, it is high time I indulge in more time to invest in myself. 

By investment I mean, more guilt free time spent on things that ground me, that help me grow as an individual and hey time working on that inner smile! I feel from the regular Botanical Atelier workshops I deliver, we are becoming a growing community of like minded people, who are accepting that sometimes the biggest gift you can give yourself is time. Time to take stock, and a bow, that you owe yourself, to do what you choose to do, in your life . Botanical drawing is meditative, it releases thoughts and somehow puts you in a calm state of mind ready to take charge of all the other fast paced tasks we have to do in a day.

The very act of drawing is something that many people lose sight of as life gets busy and takes us in different directions. However if you think back to your childhood, it is almost a primal activity to have the freedom to draw without any qualms of if it is good or bad. It is a release of energy, and it brings an inner sanction of clarity, with the immersion of getting lost in all of those wonderful plant details.

I would welcome your comments and love to see any of you at our future Botanical Atelier, workshops. Have an amazing 2019 ✌🏼

Sarah x

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