An Interview with Zella Packer from A WILD BUNCH

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Spring has arrived in Cornwall and it gives us every excuse to champion all things floral and blooming.

The colourful coastal wildflowers are opening up brightly to the warming sun and the inland trees are blossoming and smelling divine.

It’s time to welcome back our beautiful seasonal flower bunches, locally grown and curated by Zella from A WILD BUNCH

Photography | Claire Rose Creative

We adore getting to know local faces and the business with whom we have a strong connection and whose products we sell at Botanical Atelier.

We spent a wonderful April morning with Zella in her home studio to chat to her about her influences, lifestyle and business, and capture her in her creative space.

Zella’s slow ritual way of working and the true joy that she finds in flower arranging are inspiring. We hope that you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about A WILD BUNCH.


Can you write a brief bio about yourself and your business? 

My name is Zella Packer and I’m an Interior Designer and flower lover based in Falmouth, Cornwall. A WILD BUNCH offers weekly fresh, seasonal flower bunches locally grown just outside Falmouth. Pop down to the lovely Botanical Atelier to pick up a bunch when you’re passing.The perfect little blooms to buy for yourself or give to a loved one. 

What inspired you to start your business?

A WILD BUNCH started in the brilliant lockdown of 2020 where the day-to-day business of work took a little halt and another creative project started. A friend in Vancouver inspired me to buy myself a flower bucket for my birthday, just to have a play, and it was instantly something I felt so drawn to and wanted to continue. I started selling small bunches outside the house on the street, weekly bunches became a thing, I connected with Sarah from Botanical Atelier and A WILD BUNCH began. 


Can you tell us a little bit about your process?

The evenings of A WILD BUNCH are a way for me to switch off and be creative. Being an interior designer is incredible and I love it but it isn’t always easy. I really found that I wanted to have another creative output in my life that didn’t involve a screen or too much brain space. I really feel like flowers allow me to do this. There is something about bringing together the colours, forms and tones that nature brings us in a visual and playful way that is incredibly calming. The process is very much: clear the decks, a living room full of stems, make a tea and lose myself a little in the making for a couple of hours.  

We love the ritual behind your process! Does your location influence your products? 

Absolutely, I think something so beautiful about the way I work with flowers is where the flowers come from. I met Gemma from Green Rabbit Flowers at her land in Mylor which is the most magical place to go. I am so lucky that she is also a neighbour of mine at home, making the flower handover incredibly smooth! 

Occasionally, I will pop to the land after work to collect my buckets of flowers and there is always the most incredible glowing light across the field of blooms she tentatively cares for everyday. It amazes me every week the diverse stems of nature I get handed, and that they are all grown naturally just down the road. I feel really grateful to see that process and connect with her. This experience definitely adds to my love for flower-bunch creating and how personal it feels. 



Where do you find your inspiration for your brand?

When I started to come up with ideas for A WILD BUNCH, I knew I wanted hold a bold and bright essence to the brand. Something casual and easygoing with the use of warm tones and colour. For me, the flower side of my work always needs to feel fun and playful and this is something I wanted to show throughout. There are definitely hints of design elements I am drawn to within interiors that feed into A WILD BUNCH. 

What aspect of your business do you enjoy most?

I could sit in my house and make bunches and that would be enough, but sharing the satisfaction and real, self-love treat of fresh blooms on the table is a way you really make connections with new faces. 



When is your favourite occasion to send flowers and to whom? 

To anyone that needs a daily uplift. Flowers are such a simple, yet beautiful gift, heart warmer, table brightener for any loved one. 

Are there any new products in the pipeline you would like to share with us?

There’s a few exciting things this season! I have a little event of cocktails and flower playing at Solskinn, The Poly in April and hopefully a few more of these to come in the Summer. What more could you want?! Last year, I worked with the girls at The Falmouth Distilling Co to launch their Love Day Gin at an event in their distillery so fingers crossed there is a little more of that in the pipeline! 

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

It would have to be something that combined an incredible sunshine-lunch spread, a long table in a divine setting, styling a space and using the flowers to add to this - maybe event or ‘an evening with Anna Jones’ cooking an amazing spread of food 



What do you love most about living and working in Falmouth?

I grew up in Falmouth and as much as I have always known how lucky we are to be in such a beautiful place, I feel I now really reap the benefits of having this town on my doorstep. There is such an amazing buzz and community on the high street which really makes a place feel like home. I find the sea incredibly healing and has a very powerful pull, early mornings on the seafront whether that’s walking or swimming is definitely one of the most loved things. 

If you could bring home one of our online products what would you choose and why?

Books! Botanical Atelier has such an array and I could sit and flick through all afternoon! 

Finally, we love the way you use botanical elements in your products. If you could choose one plant or flower that you have enjoyed working with, what would it be?

Zinnias - they grow so tall and strong and dance in a bunch of flowers above the rest.


Thank you for your time Zella, it was so sweet to speak with you!

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  • A real joy reading this article…..It’s been a dream of mine to one day sell flowers outside near our home. We are sowing ‘big’, particularly this year. We started autumn sowing for the first time at the end of last year. Very modest though, with our ‘zippy greenhouse’, but amazed at the amount of young cut flower plants we have, with plenty to sell! Nothing like planting young plants you’ve grown from seed, and being plant addicts; its soooo satisfying, despite the failures along the way! It’s all learning & we’re enjoying the journey! Thanks for the article Sarah!

    Lou on

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