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This summer we added another member of staff to our small but growing team. Charlotte has been a greatly valued team member working in the shop with her artistic knowledge and gentle yet friendly nature. Some of you may have learnt a little about her work outside of Botanical Atelier, created in her idyllic studio here in Cornwall. For those of you little further away, or looking to learn more, here's an insight into her business from 'The Old Brick Studio'.


Meet Charlotte Evans

Hey! My name is Charlotte, the newest member to join the Botanical Atelier team. I have been working here for 8 months now and it's been a pleasure working for Sarah in such a lovely shop and meeting so many friendly people in store. Surrounded by many of my vices – illustration, books, homeware, natural products and art supplies – it can be quite difficult not to end a shift purchasing at least one product. Add in the lovely views and it's hard not to enjoy working in a place like this.


BA: Can you tell us a little about your background and how you came to be working from such an idyllic studio?

I grew up in Falmouth and moved back here just over 3 years ago. In October last year (2020) I took the plunge to become self-employed and set up my own creative business: The Old Brick Studio. Working from a converted brick shed (hence the name) I explore illustration, surface pattern, design and painting.


The Old Brick Studio

The Old Brick Studio


BA: Is there something that inspired you to make your creative career choice?

A creative path always felt very natural to me and I believe a heavy influence on why is due to the many creative people that have filled my life from an early age. My grandparents on my mum's side are both talented painters. My grandad also taught history of art at Falmouth University. My dad was an incredibly gifted artist and graphic designer among other things. I grew up in a household that from childhood was always incredibly supportive and encouraging of my creative pursuits. After finishing my Fine Art and Design foundation at Falmouth University I moved up to Leeds to complete a BA Hons degree in Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design.

Since then I have explored many avenues of design, building up a skillset that has led me to the point I'm at today: from interning at a trend forecasting company in Newcastle, to working as a kitchen designer in the Midlands and then onto working in house as a creative designer & illustrator in Cornwall.


Design and Print

Charlotte's design and print


BA: Where would you say you find most of your inspiration?

Plants, nature and the natural form feature a lot in my own work whether that’s through a still life study or taking on a more abstract approach dissecting and combining textures, marks, shapes and colours. Although mine and Sarah's work differs in style I resonate a lot with her work and the products she chooses to sell in Botanical Atelier.


Greenhouse Print, by Charlotte Evans

Charlottes botanical inspired illustrations


BA: How do you find that work/life balance?

I love new experiences, conversations and being outdoors and find a lot of my inspiration comes from these situations of slowing down and reconnecting with people and surroundings. When I am not working in Botanical Atelier or creating in the studio you can often find me cooking with friends and family and swimming in the sea. Next time you’re in Falmouth come in and say hello and if you want to explore a bit more about what I get up to in the studio you can find me at the following:

WEB: www.theoldbrickstudio.com
IG: theoldbrickstudio

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