The Return of Botanical Illustration Workshops

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Back to school (for grown ups)

Painting with Espresso


After a short pause and almost daily conversations it feels like the right time to bring back our much loved Botanical Illustration Workshops. I know from speaking with lots of you, there is a little excitement in the air of what to expect, and I have been working on a few new plans for our Autumn programme of workshops. I always enjoyed the anticipation and buzz of September, going back to school or College and collecting new stationary and excited for what the term beheld. So with an idea to re-create this with the art workshops, there feels like no better time.

What's new?

Welcoming beginners to Workshops


Easing back into our old classes, they will begin with online workshops as I feel this is the best way to deliver lessons across our growing community. Giving access to everyone no matter where you are located, which was a beautiful thing when we ran this before with people joining not only nationally but from all around the world. I hope this continues in the future as they keep our online sessions rich and interesting, keeping the creative industry connected.

We are also offering bespoke workshop boxes tailored to the needs of each class. We touched on this concept last time with our ‘Ink Boxes’ which sold out, so I have been working on some new options for you all to choose from. If you are a complete beginner or looking for some new art materials this is a great option to get you started on your creative journey. Otherwise, as always I can help you via zoom to use the materials you have and advise you via email beforehand if you have any queries.

Welcoming beginners to online classes



If you are new to online workshops, we have a very simple process to get you set up and ready to enjoy your session. Everything will be sent over to you via email, after booking your workshop. As before each attendee will be sent a PDF to help get the best from your workshop, including a materials list to help you prepare and tips and techniques to take you beyond the session. Click here to explore our great selection of art materials available to buy online.

All of the workshops are suitable for people at every level, so even if you have never picked up a paintbrush or have very basic knowledge I can gently guide you through each part of the session. For the more experienced artist, you can jump in at your own speed and I can assist virtually with any specific areas you want to address. These classes are all tailor made to be inclusive and are designed specifically to allow everyone, no matter what skill set, to leave the session feeling inspired and with an artwork to be proud of.

Future Artist

Botanical Illustration Workshops


If you think you like the sound of this then please do take a look at our upcoming dates and have a read in further detail of our workshops. 

Visit our event programme here.

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